Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP) prepares young people for a successful transition to adulthood, with a focus on changing behaviors to reduce the risk of STI’s, HIV, and pregnancy, and to increase educational attainment, social and communication skills, decision-making abilities, financial literacy, and self-esteem.

PREP targets at-risk youth ages 10-19 who are in geographic areas with high teen birth rates, come from racial or ethnic minority groups, are homeless, or in foster care. PREP also supports pregnant youth and mothers under the age of 21.

The PREP Curriculum includes:

  • Financial Health
  • Physical Health Evidence-based curriculum: Making Proud Choices!
  • Emotional Health Evidence-based curriculum: Safe Dates
  • Educational Attainment Focused Career Exposure
  • Family Planning Only Services

PREP projects are in partnership with the State of Wisconsin Division of Public Health and the Medical College of Wisconsin and replicate effective, evidence-based
program models. Neighborhood House administers PREP projects in the Milwaukee area and was showcased by the US Department of Health and Human Services as a leader in the area of financial literacy. Neighborhood

For more information about programming and enrollment, or to  book a PREP program in your school  contact Family & Community Outreach Coordinator Cynthia Jasper at (414) 933-6161, ext. 134.

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